Halloween 2014

Halloween was the holiday that just kept going! Shortly after the pumpkin patch, we carved our pumpkins! A few days later, Autumn got to dress up for the "Halloween Parade" at her preschool. All of the kids dress up and then trick or treat around the building to the parents. 

Like most kids, Autumn went back and forth almost daily about what she wanted to be for Halloween. In the end, she decided she wanted to be the Hello Kitty that she got for her birthday, which conveniently happened to be a dressed up doll. Even MORE conveniently, I happened to find a costume at the Thrift Store that was almost identical for just a few dollars! With a little bit of face paint and a new headband, her costume was complete!

I asked Autumn to smile, and she told me she couldn't, because Hello Kitty doesn't have a mouth. She's so smart!

After her party at school, our ward at church held it's annual trunk or treat party. Adam and I decided to go (okay, I decided and bought Adam the necessary things he needed) as Wyldstyle and Emmet from the Lego Movie. One of our favorites to watch with the kids, it was perfect! Brody however, was terrified of me. Skeptical of Adam, but not quite as terrified!

I even won Most Creative in the costume contest! It was kind of a bummer because Adam didn't arrive until just before it was time to go trunk or treating. He was stuck at work!

Another amazing Thrift Store fine - this Thomas the Train costume! I mean seriously - could I have found anything more perfect?! In fact, I had JUST been looking at this exact costume online. I saved almost $20, nabbing this for a few bucks. It even came with the matching hat! Coordinated with his little boots and train pants, it was a perfect costume! ANNNDDD I finally got him to wear it right as it was time to trunk or treat!

After the trunk or treat, it came time for Halloween night. We wondered if this was the year we would have to break tradition and trick or treat on our own. Jodi's boys have all grown, but luckily she was still up for a pre-trick or treating pizza party and Anthony was up for one last year of trick or treating. I helped him get ready by using my expert zombie makeup skills to make him look a little "Walking Dead".

Brody was all about trick or treating. He LOVED all of the decorations, all of the pumpkins and free candy. His vocabulary exploded right around Halloween. Spooky, ghost, pumpkin, etc. This is such a fun age! He was happy to keep going, but unfortunately Autumn was done very early and made her displeasure with continuing known. We called it a night early and headed home to count all our loot!

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