Ready, Set, Go!

We have had unimaginable levels of snowfall this winter in the DC area. One storm right after the other. I actually really love snow, but my kids are starting to go a little stir crazy as they are total outdoors kind of people. Neither of them can really walk or play in the snow very well yet (think marshmallow people waddling across the snow) so it's been hard to let them get out some energy. Any activity other than destroying my house. 

Last week we had snow on the Monday at the start of the week and by Thursday, this is what was left. It was deep enough that Autumn could still sled but not so deep that she couldn't walk and manage sledding on her own. Not only that, but it was warm (only 40 degrees, but quite nice out) enough to wear I could be outside to watch her. After school and during Brody's nap, Autumn and I had a good hour outside sledding and playing in the snow!

PS - Just because there's snow outside, doesn't mean you can't look fabulous and rock tights and a cousin's old dance costume. 

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