Dear Brody

Dear Brody,

You are the most animated little kid we've ever seen. Your facial expressions are just priceless. From your big belly laugh to your gasps of excitement (and the perfect little O you form your mouth into), you crack us up constantly. You're such a happy go lucky kid, constantly talking and saying the same phrases over and over again in your sweet little language.

  • You say, "What's this?" "So silly!" "Daddy" "Mmmm" "No" "Yeah" "Wow"
  • As you're hitting a growth spurt of some kind, you're signing "eat" CONSTANTLY
  • After you take a sip of your drink, particularly soda, you slap your lips together and go "ahhh..."
  • You're a sorter. You love measuring cups, measuring spoons, stacking cups, putting crayons into cups at church and anything else that requires hand/eye coordination. If I need to get something done, putting objects laid out with a jar to put them into usually keeps you occupied for 20 minutes.
  • You love the tub! If I turn on the tub you're not far behind. No baby scales stairs faster than one who hears running water.
  • You have an obsession with climbing onto the kitchen island. You have no trouble getting onto the tall stools and then standing, chanting and dancing on the top of the island. It drives Grandpa crazy, and I'm just waiting for you to fall off. We can't put anything liquid or of great importance on the counter because if it's there, you'll find it. I'm not kidding - if you'd not sitting in your little chair or playing with your toys, you're at/on the island. Knock it off, will ya?
  • When you see a dog on TV, or in person, you start panting. 
  • When something is hot, cold, you see smoke or steam, you blow with your lips. It's usually spit that comes out, but it's hilarious, so we don't mind. 
  • You love to dance. Your moves including spinning around in a circle and bouncing on your knees up and down. Also not to be outdone by your sister, you love to "sing". 
  • "Ring around the rosies" ends with "we all fall down", but you run to mommy or daddy instead. 
  • When we yell "woo!", you throw your arms up in the air like you're riding a roller coaster. 
  • You wave goodbye. 
  • When you're sad or upset, you fall on all fours and lightly bang your head in shame on the ground.
  • You LOVE chocolate covered granola bars, but don't like being handed them with the wrapper still attached, and Mommy and Daddy wouldn't DARE break it in half, because it's dead to you then. 
  • Your favorite breakfasts are oatmeal, toast, eggs and sausage, pancakes, french toast and whatever mommy is eating.
  • Your favorite dinners are speghetti, raviolis, chicken nuggets with ketchup, and whatever mommy or daddy is eating. 
  • You love peanut butter sandwiches that have been folded in half, but avoid eating the crusts at all costs.
  • When you see ads or pictures of food, you make "mmm mmm mmm" noises. 
  • Despite his indifference, you adore your Grandpa. At church you'll just stare at him until he looks at you, after which you bury your head lovingly into his arm and force yourself onto his lap.
  • If mommy or daddy are sitting on the floor, you'll turn your back to us and slowly back up and plop yourself into our laps. 
  • You often double fist your plugs, having one in each hand, changing them out in your mouth every 30 seconds. When you resist naps or going to sleep however, you throw them out of your crib in defiance.
  • You love being outside, so the winter has been hard on you. 
  • For some reason you think pushing your big trucks down the basement steps is how you're supposed to play with them. It's amazing you haven't dented my walls... yet. 
  • You are SO ticklish in the palm of your hands. 
  • If we leave Nana's bathroom door open and yours and Autumn's, if we can't find you it's because you'd climbed up into the sink and are playing with whatever items are at your disposal on the counter. 
  • You love to color! If we give you some pens, crayons and paper, you'll color for a really long time. 
  • You're not the best shopper. Being confined to a cart and strapped in is not your idea of fun. You want to run free!
You're pretty much the best. It's as simple as that. You're so sweet, so entertaining and a relief from the harder parenting that is to come when you get older. We're so lucky you're ours!


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