Parent/Teacher Conference

I just got home from Autumn's very first - well, my first too! - Parent/Teacher conference. I had really worked myself up over the whole thing. I wasn't really sure what to expect, what I'd be told, how much I'd be told and of course how my sweet little girl was doing. I worried that they'd tell me Autumn was an introvert and not very social, was having a hard time making friends or behind all of the other kids in other areas as well. Lately I have notice just how shy and timid Autumn can be in large groups and new situations, and I've been worried how that would carry over into school and making new friends.


My favorite comment is "she makes very interesting observations".
The stuff Autumn comes up with can be quite hilarious.

Once we sat down, the very first words out of Mrs. Hughes's mouth was that Autumn is all-around great. Phew! I told her teacher how nervous I was, that I'd come prepared with questions and a notepad to write down notes. Over thinking it, clearly!

She told me that she's doing well with her numbers, colors, and working on her letters. She told me that she knows all her shapes and is cutting paper well.

Cutting paper.

I couldn't get this episode of Raymond out of my head and I had to concentrate on not cracking up.

Mrs. Hughes told me that Autumn plays well and gets along great with everyone. I asked her to expand since I sometimes noticed Autumn playing alone on the playground, but Mrs. Hughes didn't seem to know what I was talking about and that the kids spread out a lot on the playground. She assured me that Autumn really plays well with all of the kids in her class.

I mentioned how timid Autumn can be and that was one of the reasons I had been concerned about her socially, and Mrs. Hughes did tell me that at the beginning of the year Autumn wouldn't even acknowledge when Mrs. Hughes would ask her a question in circle time. Also, when asked to clean up, Autumn would say, "Well I don't want to. I don't want to stop playing." Now, Autumn participates and volunteers during circle time and will come up to Mrs. Hughes and just talk and talk and talk! She's also very happy to help clean up and follow all of Mrs. Hughes directions. I am glad there is an overall improvement in her confidence in groups and at school. That alone is why I think preschool is so valuable and can't understand why parents choose not to enroll their children if they can afford it. The social aspect of it totally outweighs what she may learn!

When I asked if there was any one thing Autumn really excelled at, Mrs. Hughes had a hard time coming up with an answer - because there wasn't anything Autumn was bad at. She was just a great kid. I left feeling great and feeling great about my sweet little girl! I can't wait to see how she grows the rest of the year and another year at preschool before she - gulp - enters Kindergarten!

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  1. Hey! I came with prepared questions and a notebook! I really needed it, too, since we had a lot to talk about. sigh!

    Glad Autumn is doing so well!