Halloween Witches Party

Embarrassing - this happened all the way back in October! But, as I told Adam, if I don't blog it, it won't get included in our yearly Shutterfly book. I use the blog as a guide of what events were noteworthy and what pictures to include, and this was such a fun little party. One of Autumn's very best friends at preschool is another LDS girl in another ward named Maylen. Those two girls, along with their friend Arista, just seem to get on so well. At least that's what I gather when I ask Autumn about the daily report from preschool!

Maylen's mom held a super cute little witches party just before Halloween, and Autumn and Brody were lucky enough to be invited! They had games, story time, lunch and a movie as well. It was so much fun! Autumn was a little shy at first, but didn't want to leave. Didn't want to leave, and made it known as she kicked and screamed getting into the car =)


Time for games!

Brody seemed to eat the scraps off the table when all the girls vacated. 

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