Bathroom Floor Revamp!

Now that I'm all caught up with my business and clients, I can finally get to blogging all of the things that have come and gone since the start of the fall! It also means that I've downloaded the gazillion pictures that I take on my iPhone to the computer =)

Back in September (holy cow, I told you I was behind!) I decided I was finally going to redo Autumn and Brody's bathroom floor. It's been on my to-do list since we moved in, but there were so many other projects that came first.

I'm sure a lot of people will think I'm crazy, but I'm kind of in love with peel and stick vinyl. I'm sure my friend Kelly who just redid a downtown NYC apartment threw up a little bit, but when you're on a budget and want a big upgrade without a huge hit on the pocket book vinyl is amazing! Especially when you can grout it just like real tile. The biggest advantage? This project took all of 2, maybe 3 or 4 hours. THAT'S RIGHT.

So, below is the "before". Just your basic, run of the mill roll of laminate flooring. My dad helped me get the toilet off and I removed the quarter round from the walls and cabinet. Cleaned it up real good and got to work!

Since the toilet was off, I decided to beadboard wallpaper the wall (like the opposite wall - you can see it in the mirror reflection). In the photo below it's still in the drying process, pre-paint and caulk. Before I started tiling, I decided to lay it out and see how I wanted to lay it out. I considered a diamond pattern, grid, but ultimately went with a brick pattern.

I started in the middle of the floor and worked my way out, double checking to see how the tiles would fall once I got started. Once I figured it out, it was time to peel and stuck baby! As you can see, my hallway was a bit of a mess - but only for a few hours!! I dropped the kids off at my parents so I could peel and stick in peace.

All stuck! The best part about vinyl is that you just score it with a knife and it snaps right off. No tile cutter or anything fancy. Laying the tile was quick and easy, especially with no kids asking to help or trying to walk around me!

All grouted! Doesn't it already look fabulous? Because it's peel and stick I don't have to let the mastic dry overnight before grouting. Once the tiles were stuck I was able to move right along to the next step. Once it was grouted I just needed to let it dry for a few hours, but I gave it a good 24 hours just to be safe!

Ta-da! Doesn't it look fabulous?! What a huge difference. I love it! The whole project cost me less than $40 and it makes such a huge difference. I still have yet to finish the beadboard behind the toilet, but hey - I'm blogging stuff from back in September so as you can tell, I've been busy =)

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