31 Day Blog Challenge - Days 10 - 14

Day 10: What's your best physical feature

I personally rather like my butt. Yup, my butt.

Day 11: List 15 of your favorite things

  1. Chicken fingers
  2. Ranch dressing, or honey mustard if the ranch is gross, as a dipping sauce
  3. My DVR
  4. My phone
  5. Drive-thrus
  6. Sleeping in 
  7. Snuggles from my kids
  8. The smell of my Mom's house
  9. Listening to music really loud in my car
  10. Editing photos in photoshop
  11. Getting packages
  12. Shopping
  13. Someone else cooking for me
  14. A clean house
  15. Running errands without my kids
Day 12: What's inside your fridge

Leftover pizza, not milk - I need to go shopping - 1 egg, lots of condiments, cheeses, apples I STILL haven't made apple butter with, buttermilk, old celery, and crescent rolls. I really, really need to go grocery shopping.

Day 13: What is your earliest memory

I remember a lot of things from when I was 3. Memories of preschool (the same one Autumn attends), I remember Disneyworld at 3 and pushing the button inside the Dumbo flying thing. 

Day 14: If you won the lottery...

I'd pay off all of our debt. I'd buy nicer cars (like, a brand new Hyundai or Toyota - I'd probably not buy a Mercedes), probably buy a bigger house with more land, buy my sister a house, give my siblings some monies, buy a beach house, buy all new camera equipment, put some away for college and let anything left over sit in savings and grow some interest. Quite boring things. Oh, and maybe go on a really awesome vacation. 

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