31 Day Blog Challenge - Day 15

Day 15: Timeline of your day

Well, I'll do a typical timeline of a Thursday, because it's probably the most interesting!

8:30AM - Wake up, and make sure Autumn is awake if she hasn't already slithered into my room and into my bed. Go downstairs and make her breakfast, grab her shoes and backpack.

9:05AM - Nana's here! Send Autumn off to school and enjoy a good half hour to myself. I either check the internets or watch a little bit of a show from the DVR.

9:30-10:30AM - Brody's awake! Feed Brody and get him dressed.

11-12 - Play with Brody, get dressed, do a little cleaning up around the house.

12:10PM - Time to go get big sister from school! Pack up into the car and head off to the preschool.

12:30PM - Pick up Autumn from preschool. When it was warmer, if I got there early enough I could watch her play on the playground before they went inside for pickup.

12:40PM - Heading through the drive-thru at "Old McDonalds - the one with the fountains", per Autumn's numerous requests.

1:00PM - If I am super mom, I let the kids play outside or we'll head to the park for a little while.

2:00PM - Quiet time! Autumn gets to rest on the couch with her Dora pillow pet and blanket, and I try to put Brody down for his nap. I use naptime and quiet time to clean up after lunch, get a head start on dinner, possibly do some laundry (haha, this is a big if - I hate laundry), catch up on client emails or surf mindlessly on my phone while I snuggle with her on the couch. They never nap together anymore, so getting in my own rest during quiet time is incredibly rare.

4:00PM - Brody might be awake and Autumn has grown tired of quiet time. I usually start dinner and clean up the kitchen while listening to episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond on my iPad.

5:15-5:30PM - Dinner! If it was exceptionally messy, I might try and get the kids in the tub so they can be nice and clean. One less thing for Daddy to go and a way to pass time until Adam gets home from work.

6:45PM - Daddy's home! Brody screams with delight "Day-yee, day-yee!!"

7:05PM - After Adam's gotten a chance to eat, I decide it's safe to head out to Girl's night. I'm unable to leave without first giving Autumn a hug and a kiss. If I try to escape before that, she usually chases after me.

7:06PM - I usually try to bribe Adam to help pick up the house so it's "cleanish" when I get back from girl's night.

7:12PM - Now that it's winter, I forsee many stops to 7/11 for some of their deliscious hot chocolate on my way to my parent's house for girls night.

7:20PM - Pull into the driveway at my parents to enjoy a few hours with the ladies. I hope it's food night!

11:05PM - Well, I better call it a night. After everyone's left, I say goodbye to my folks and head home.

11:20PM - Home sweet home. Adam's still down in the basement, playing on his computer or playing the XBOX. I go down to see how things went with the kids and to relay all the amazingness of Girl's Night. I leave him to go upstairs and get ready for bed.

11:35PM - Teeth brushed, bladder emptied and I hop into bed. I check up on all the internets on my phone while I turn on the TV.

11:50PM - Adam comes up to bed. I turn on today's TMZ while he's in the bathroom and we watch that and an episode of Modern Family.

12:45PM - Lights out. I'm exhausted but alas, I needed some downtime before sleep.

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