31 Day Blog Challenge - Day 5

Day 5: 10 Songs you love right now

Taylor Swift: All Too Well
This is hands down my favorite song of hers ever. It's about Jake Gyllenhall, and I just love the story telling in the song as well as the emotion after 3:00. Flawless.

Britney Spears: Work B****

Acicii: Wake Me Up

Anna Kendrick: Cups
I didn't love the movie that this originated from, but I really love Anna Kendrick (her Instagram is hilarious). Plus, the song just makes me happy in the car when it comes on!

Imagine Dragons: Demons
Okay, so pretty much any song by Imagine Dragons. I just love the lead singer's voice. It's not too high, not too low... Oh - and they grew up LDS and the lead singer served a mission, and they won BYU's battle of the bands a few years ago.

Taylor Swift: The Moment I Knew
My other favorite song off her Red album. 4:05 is my favorite.

Miley Cyrus: We Can't Stop
Yep. I hated it, now I love it.

Nelly: Country Grammar
I heard this on a throw back hour the other day and man, did it throw me back. Memories of cruising home from school in the Benz with the sunroof open. Good times, good times.

Chris Brown: Forever
I can't stand Chris Brown, but gosh darnit, his music is so catchy. So instead, I will post one of the reasons I really love this song: The Office. I still tear up every time this episode airs.

Lady Gaga: Bloody Mary
This was one of my favorite songs off her Born This Way album. Autumn was obsessed with Americano (it's in the credits for Puss in Boots), so I told her this was a "spooky" song since Halloween was coming up. Now, she requests the "Spooky Song" and I get to listen to it. =)

Tangled: I See the Light
We watch this movie a lot, and while I love ALL the songs from it, this is by far my favorite.

Making this list was incredibly hard. I kill CDs in the car, so it was hard not to just put every Taylor Swift song on here since her CD hasn't left my player in months =) That, and I got distracted watching marriage proposals on YouTube while looking for the videos!

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  1. I've had that Forever song by Chris Brown on repeat on my iPod since 2008. So catchy. And I also think he's a jerk.