The Beach - Day 7

Well, I'm in bed for the last time here at the beach. Time to go home in the morning.

I think it's that time where everyone is ready to go home. Even a family that loves each other eventually needs it's space! I am anxious to get back to my own bed (I can push my fingers into this mattress and feel metal springs), my DVR (watching TV in general), and my kids going to bed earlier and waking up later! I wish Adam could take off Monday because I feel like I'm going to need a day at home to recoup from my vacation!

It has been a great week. Probably the best to date. It helps as the kids get older, my own included. We had a great time but I am ready to get back to our routine. Plus, it's easier to say goodbye to the beach when I know I will be back in a few more weeks! =)

I'm a little nervous about the drive tomorrow. There always seems to be a lot of traffic going home and it always takes longer. I'm hoping my stomach cooperates (especially since I feel so crummy now) and I don't get too anxious or worked up. Wish me luck!

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