The Beach - Day 5 & Day 6


I'm so exhausted, but I wanted to get in my journal entry before my mind goes foggy.

First and foremost, nothing says "Yes, you really go need to lose those last ten pounds" like pictures of yourself in a swimsuit at the beach. Yowza.

Because it's midweek, things were slow going. The kids hung out all morning, not really wanting to do much but play, watch TV and keep occupied with electronics. Talk of the pool and beach was sparse. As moms, we all went to the thrift store to pop some tags. I didn't get to go last year because I was feeling pregnant, sad and lousy, so I was anxious and made out well this year. Lots of finds for the kids and a few new church clothes for myself.

Following our shopping trip, Adam and I immediately went out for lunch. It's tradition for us and a nice time to sneak away from the chaos for a bit. We always go to the same place. It's at the end of our street before you hit the main road on the island, so we don't even have to deal with traffic. It's also small, so the kitchen is fast and the prices can't be beat. We were in and out and got back just after Brody woke up from his nap.

Right as I was about to head over to the ocean to meet up with everyone, a storm started coming in. I put back in my clothes as instead everyone came home and hung out. I love a good OBX storm. It was some nice downtime.

After a yummy dinner (seriously, we eat dang good at the beach) I went over to the beach with my other brother's family to take their family pictures. I thought they came out great. I also got to work my magic a little bit with trying to get the kids involved. I think my brother's family got to see me 'in action' and see just how I would work with a real client's family.

Before bed, the kids went over to the beach with flashlights to try and catch crabs. If you think strolls on the beach sound romantic at night, you'd be wrong. At least where we beach, because there are zero lights, it's pitch black and there are crabs everywhere. The kids actually caught a few.

Tomorrow - ugh, I can't believe it's the day before the last day - we're doing Jockey's Ridge, which are the big sand dunes. I'm really hoping the water's warmer at the ocean so I can get in some more boogie boarding and body surfing. It's been cold and no waves or whatever and the kids have been turning around and going home to the pool. The first day really was the best day, but I want to be sure to get in another good day before the week's over!!


This morning we woke up and took the kids to Duck Donuts for the first time. It's a really popular stop. They are made to order and yummy and fresh! Everyone else has been going since we stayed in this house for the past few years, but I'd never been because I thought they only made them (the donut part) crazy early and I don't do early. But, at 9 they were still cooking them, so I decided we'd go so Autumn could watch them be made.

We got a chocolate with peanuts for my mom, I got a vanilla (which tasted like a funnel cake, yum) and a peanut butter with chocolate sprinkles, which was AMAZING. Adam got a lemon and we got Autumn just a plain.

We went to the beach again but sadly the water was just too cold. A real bummer because Autumn won't go in (or rather she gets right back out). I was pretty numb being in but I was going to make the most of it!

After dinner we got around to our big family picture of all of us. We opted for the neighbors yard instead of the beach since we'd planned on going to the sand dunes. It didn't end of happening because it got to be too late (I forgot it takes a half hour to get there) and all the adults were beat. None of the kids even really mentioned it or seemed bummed, so it all worked out.

I tried to put Brody to bed but he was fighting it. I put him on the bike and took him for a bike ride, which really settled him down and made him sleepy. Autumn on the other hand just now fell asleep. But, she's been napping because she's so exhausted, which is a nice break during the day.

I can't believe the week is already over. It's been such a great week. None of the kids have fought, Autumn has been more independent and trustworthy to be with the other kids and I haven't been stressed or frustrated at all. Adam and I have worked super well tag teaming the two kids and he's been especially great giving me a break to spend time with my family. It has actually been relaxing, which is not something I have been able to say for a few years.

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  1. Don't say that about swimming suit pictures!! My number to lose is 20 and it's my turn in 2 weeks.

    We got Duck Donuts last time and it's on the agenda for this year as well.

    I'm glad you had such a great week! Only a few months, and you'll be back. Lucky duck.