Brody's Special Week

Autumn left Monday afternoon with my mom, my sister and 3 nephews for Ohio. My sister in law is going to girls camp with my niece for a few days, so my mom went up to take care of the kids while Jared is at work. I would have loved to go, but the car couldn't fit Brody and I and I didn't want to drive up alone what with my malfunctioning digestive system. My mom offered to take Autumn and I was happy to oblige. It's kind of like my own vacation!

I've talked to Autumn on the phone and Facetimed with her (bless technology!), and we face time before bed. She's getting so old that she's such a little conversationalist! Her voice is so petite on the phone. She's having a great time. 

My mom told me that before bed Autumn said, "I want my momma." When I said goodnight to her last night, she told me that she "wanted to see me". Those are the moments I live for as a momma!

Autumn and I really butt heads. She's at this annoying, annoying silly stage where she laughs uncontrollably at nothing. She's stubborn and defiant. Things have gotten much better, but there are always new struggles. However, I miss her. Like crazy. I find funny things around the house constantly that remind me of her. For example, I gave her a donut for breakfast Monday before she left and a towel for her to hold it with. She ate half of it and then said she was "gonna wrap it up and put it in the freezer for later". I said whatever and continued to finish packing her bag. Yesterday I grabbed a yogurt for a snack and saw on the floor on the refrigerator her paper towel wrapped donut. I left it there, because it makes me happy. Those little reminders make my day.

I'm enjoying being with just Brody. He will never have the same one on one time that Autumn did as an only child, so I have really loved getting to devote all my attention to him. I'm also getting so much done, so much cleaning. I don't have a little tornado following me around, ruining everything I have cleaned up! I KNEW I wasn't a slob!

She doesn't come back until Sunday! I miss her, but I'm still going to enjoy this break. In celebration of Brody's special week with mama, here are some photos from last week of him enjoying the summer weather:

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