Autumn's New Glasses

Autumn has worn her glasses for over a year now. I love her glasses. We've all embraced them and I love the little statement she makes with her frames. They're always a bit hit when we're out and about. 

Her prescription changed at one of her last 6 week checkups, so I decided it'd be fun to not only update her lenses but get her a second pair of frames as well. Purple is her absolute favorite color so it was an easy shopping trip, but we still tried on a few different styles for fun! 

As for her progress, unfortunately her right eye just isn't working all that great to put it simply. Admittedly, I have NOT been great about putting the drops in her eye (which dilate the eye, since she won't patch) over the past year. But, seeing how my shenanigans have really hurt her improvements, I am stepping up my game and have been very consistent over the past 2 months and we just ordered a fancy purple unicorn patch to see if she won't patch 1-2 hours a day. I want so badly for my sweet little girl to get better. Fingers crossed!

We tried on a pair of wire frames as well, just for fun, but we sure love the Miraflex frames. They're pretty much indestructible, which is much needed when dealing with a toddler. A few days after we ordered her glasses, they came in and Autumn was ecstatic! Now we have pink and purple glasses - whatever her mood or outfit dictates that day! =)

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