Halloween 2012

I'm a little late, but we had a great Halloween! It was iffy there for a while with Hurricane Sandy, but it turned out to be a great night! No rain and while chilly, there was no wind and the kids all stayed nice and warm.

This year Autumn went as Tinkerbell. I actually found the costume a month or two before Halloween at the Thrift store, and picked it up. It was only $4 and Autumn had been on a Tinkerbell kick and loves to dress up. We eventually narrowed down her choices for Halloween and we settled on this! I found perfect wings at Joann fabrics and we were good to go! I had to adjust for the colder temps, so a cardigan from cousins Alyssa and Courtney's hand me downs saved the day!!

Oh, and please check out the puffs on Autumn's feet. I was pretty proud of those. I like costumes to be as accurate as possible... we didn't have green ballet flats, but we have puffs!!

 Halloween night we went Trick or Treating with Jodi (my sister) and her three boys. Autumn, Brody and I headed over for pre-candy Pizza and helped get all of the kids dressed. It was hard to get great pictures of Autumn's costume because once she was in it, she was in the zone, ready for candy. I don't blame her.

Trick or treating starts long before Adam gets home from work and Grandpa wouldn't miss it, so he helped me with Autumn and Brody. 

Even Brody was in the festive spirit =) Snuggled up in his new winter jumpsuit, he loved being outside and strapped into my Moby wrap. He just looked around and was a dream until he fell asleep amid all the excitement. Best baby ever!

Once all the boys were dressed it was time to head out! Jodi's neighbors are awesome - they prepared hot chocolate for all the adults! We started our trick or treating and quickly fell behind... just like last year! 

Initially Autumn needed some help and courage going up to the doors. She would say Trick or Treat when prompted and gave a sweet Thank you as well. Once she got the process down and a little more brave, she was a natural! She would go up to the doors all by herself, say her line and give a few thank yous! I can only imagine next year and how she'll be dragging ME from house to house as quick as she can. 

Proof my little pumpkin was tuckered out! I hated having to unwrap him to get him back into the carseat so we could go home when Autumn had pooped out on us. Grandpa was a great help, pushing Autumn in the stroller and helping take her to houses so I could get some pictures and videos.

After we got home, we went to our neighbors houses so they could see Autumn in her costume. We just love our next door neighbors - they got us a gift for Brody, a birthday gift for Autumn, and their Dad mows our lawn and just this week used a leaf blower to get rid of all the fall leaves in our yard. I'm trying to think of something really creative to do for our neighbors and their Dad for Christmas. 

Her costume was a big hit!

After we got home (and Adam forced Autumn to trick or treat at her own house) she was anxious to dump out her haul. She quickly unwrapped anything she could get her hands on, take one bite, and move onto the next thing. Once she devoured all the chocolate, she was kind of over her Halloween candy. Unfortunately it's been left for me and certainly not helping my cause to lose baby weight. If anything, I think I've packed on more pounds... Oy. 

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  1. Love it! I noticed your attention to detail when you posted the pic of Autumn's costume on facebook- pom pom shoes!

    Goodness, that baby Brody is so adorable!