Carving Pumpkins

After getting our pumpkin at the pumpkin patch, it was time to carve! I love that with every year older Autumn gets, the more excited she gets about holiday traditions and activities. She had been asking to carve the pumpkin since we brought it home, so waiting 2-3 days was torture for her. Sunday night we decided we'd give it a go!

In the past I've done really intricate pumpkins and spent hours searching online for a design. This year we went with a good, old fashioned scary face. I pulled out a pen and did some freehand and we were ready to cut!

That face pretty much sums up how Autumn felt about the whole process. Soon after, she ditched me and I was left to carve and carry out the tradition on my own. Oh well!

Tada! Spooky right? Mission accomplished.

I normally don't decorate very much for Halloween, but, like I said before, now that Autumn is getting older I get more excited about these kinds of things. We decorated with some purple and orange lights, a black light (that was supposed to make the green spider webs on the trees glow, which it didn't), tape over the door and signs in the windows.

Our little pumpkin on the porch was the final touch! Happy Halloween!

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  1. Love the pic with Autumn's disgusted face. Captured that moment perfectly! =)