Well, I must admit, it does make me feel better that even when NANA (the funnest person ever) comes to the house to take her to play with THE BOYS (her favorite people ever), at THE PARK (the place she's always begging to go) she still finds a reason to throw a tantrum, scream, kick and run up and hide in her bedroom.

I guess this is payback for her "terrible twos" being so relatively easy. Sometimes I just laugh about it and other times I want to scream, kick, and run up and hide in my bedroom too.


  1. Yes, agreed. Those moments can be rough. I was thinking, "Hey! Maybe we can add a third child to the herd" just last night. And then took the boys to Goodwill this morning and it was a disaster. Lots of screaming and running in opposite directions. Left very frustrated and thinking a 3rd child was completely out of the question.

  2. It does ease up a little the closer you get to 4. Hang on to that. =)