Autumn's 3rd Birthday

Autumn is 3!! A few days before her party we were working hard on getting her to answer "three" when asked how old she was. Then Adam got home and started telling her she was two, throwing the whole thing off. Either way, she's three now and we had a really fun party for her with the family on Saturday.

I've never been big on parties for kids and knew I wanted to keep it low-key with just family. I thought I'd get a few decorations to make it really fun for her... and then it snowballed from there. I was going to have it catered (which I decided was too expensive for such a small amount of food) and then have her cake made (I again vetoed, opting to make my own) but plans changed. I ended up making a pulled pork spread and a towering, Tinkerbell cake.

Originally I thought the theme was going to be My Little Pony, but contrary to Party City's website there were no MLP decorations at their store. Since she's been on a real Tinkerbell kick lately (also what she's being for Halloween) we decided Tinkerbell was the way to go! She helped me pick out some decorations at the store and the party was under way!

It was a little hectic the day of. What did I get myself into? I had 3 photography sessions in the morning, so I left the kids home with Adam. I went to work and then went straight to my parents to decorate the house and decorate the cake I'd cooked the day before with Autumn.

I have to say, in regards to the cake, I did not have very many cheerleaders in my corner! My parents faces said it all, but they also said it rather well by telling me I "should stick to photography". Hey, I never said my sister wasn't the baker in the family! Still, after I was done I think I held my own! I knew Autumn would love it and that's all that mattered.

After wrapping up the final touches at my parents, I went home to shower, change, grab the kids and finish a few things for dinner. We ate together as a family and opened presents after blowing out the candles. Autumn loved everything she got and was in heaven! Everything I'd planned paid off - she loved every minute of her mini-party. It was really fun for me to put together, even if it was stressful. I can see why parents go through so much trouble!

I still can't believe she's three. How do I even have 2 kids, let alone one of them a three year old? Here's to many more years with my sweet girl!

Autumn helped whip up her cake for the party.

We whipped up a blue, purple, green and pink set of layers for her cake.

While working on some other things for her party, I noticed Autumn had disappeared. I went upstairs and found she'd crawled into my bed and fallen asleep. I like her when she's awake, but I do rather enjoy it when she's asleep...

The beginnings of my cake that for SOME reason my parents were unsure about.

Ta-da! Parents of little faith, eat your words!

The reason I decorated the cake at my parents was to give Autumn the element of surprise. I loved seeing her face when she saw the decorations and the cake for the first time.

Every good party planning committee coordinates their drinks with the party colors, yes? Well, I wouldn't know, because this "Tinkerbell Green Punch" was totally coincidental. My mom has a thing about red punch in case it spills, so green it was!

Our yummy dinner! Pulled pork sandwiches that I roasted all day, potato chips (BBQ were also on the menu) and my interpretation of a macaroni salad, mexican style.

The birthday girl gets a special chair!

Even Brody got into the birthday party spirit.

Tinkerbell Pajamas!

She was so excited about her Pajamas in fact she wanted to put them on. Immediately.

"Oooooo! Tinkerbell!"

Deciding with Grandpa the best way to bust into this bad boy.

Since Adam's mom was in town we weren't able to celebrate his birthday as a family. He got a few presents at Autumn's party as well!

Dr. Pepper from Jodi and the boys, and a gift card to one of his favorite eateries!

Brody was a great sport throughout the party!

It's not a party without some sweet dance moves!

The cake was Autumn approved and that's all that matters!

Happy Birthday Autumn!

Another birthday over, time for bed - here's to next year!

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  1. The picture of Autumn in the box is both hilarious and strangely creepy. Love that she wanted to put on those jammies immediately. Love that kid! =)