Stylish Autumn

I swear I haven't forgotten about my first born. I actually have a lot of pictures of her I could post... the only problem is that she's only wearing her diaper in most pictures. You see, she's currently going through that "free" period where she finds clothing optional. Obviously I don't want those kinds of images all over the blog for just anyone to see, so thus explains the lack of pictures lately.

However, the other day I did happen to catch her looking especially cute wearing recycled clothes of her cousins. I thought she just looked so cute, with her big bow giving her a special touch. I thought she looked like a mini me. You see, I was quite the trend setter as a child with my stylish hairbows!

Anyway, here's to hoping Autumn soon outgrows this "free" stage and her face can resume regular status here on the Brewer blog =)

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