Happy Birthday to me!!

A few weeks ago I celebrated my birthday, but the celebration just kept going, and going. What better gift to myself than popping out another kid and having a flat belly for my birthday? =) I was due on August 7th and my birthday is the 9th. I was very adamant that I NOT share a birthday with Brody - yep, I'm selfish and self-involved. I wanted my own day! Or, maybe I'm such a good mom that I wanted my son to have his own day and not be overshadowed by someone else?? No, that's probably not it...

Well, as you all know, it all worked out!

I was actually staying at my mom's on my birthday while my Dad was in Florida with my sister and her 3 boys. The day itself was low-key. In fact, I kinda forgot it was my birthday. A sign I'm getting old perhaps? My Dad called the night before and asked what I was doing 'tomorrow' and I said I didn't have a whole lot planned. He asked, 'So you and Adam aren't doing anything?' I was confused, and asked why would Adam and I be doing anything - and then I realized, 'Oh wait, it's my birthday tomorrow, isn't it? Is that why you asked me what I had planned?'

I spent the day with both kids while my mom went to work for a few hours in the morning and when she got home she treated me to Chipotle for lunch and let me get out of the house a bit to go pick it up by myself. The Gift of Alone Time - on every new mother's wish list!

That night, my Aunt stopped by for dinner with my mom, Adam and I. As a gift, she brought me Georgetown Cupcakes! It was as especially thoughtful gift because when she visited me in the hospital when I had Brody, cupcakes somehow came up and I told her how I'd wanted to go up and get some cupcakes from GC. She went all the way into the city on her way home from work one night and brought me a whole dozen for my birthday! We really enjoyed dessert that night =)

Adam gave me one of my presents that night since it was my actual day, and a lovely card (my favorite part - he's not usually one with words, so I look forward to my cards) signed by him and Autumn. Anyway, I got a fancy new case for my iPad with a keyboard - not to mention my new lens for my camera we bought just in time for Brody's arrival!

When my family returned home from Florida, we celebrated my birthday today on the following Tuesday. Yummy kabobs fixed by my sister with the famous Mattingley potato salad, grilled pineapple, etc. My parents and sister were so generous this year and I received lots of little things that I wanted! My Aunt stopped by as well, and brought lots of goodies for Brody. He is going to be a handsome little stud in his new clothes, that's for sure. I can always trust my Aunt to find the cutest clothes for Autumn and Brody.

We topped the night off with some cheesecake, and it took several trips to carry out all my loot for both myself and Brody. The night before my friends at Girl's Night brought me things for Brody, since I'd "skipped out" on my mini-shower the week before by actually being in the hospital, giving birth. One of the highlights that night was from my friend and Visiting Teacher at church, Karen. She brought me cupcakes and a 7-11 Gift card, since she knows how much I love Slurpees =) I love such thoughtful gifts!

Things did all kind of mesh together with Brody's arrival and my birthday, so it seemed like the past 2 weeks have been lots of fun with friends and celebrating. I'm so grateful for everyone's generosity and friendship. It was a great birthday, even if I am now another year closer to 30...


  1. Happy Birthday!! I love that last picture of Autumn! Flat stomach for your birthday?! Yeeah!

  2. P.S. Totally felt the same way about sharing my birthday!! Mine is the 7th, Brycen is the 9th (of May) but I was induced on my birthday for him. Came too close for comfort. Especially since his due date was the 1st.