New Monitor

We recently had to make a new purchase this week and I am so excited about it (moms might understand) that I just had to share. I should note I am not being compensated in any way for this post. I am not even remotely cool enough for anyone besides family and friends to care about this blog, forget manufacturers who would send me free stuff.

This week, we said goodbye to Autumn's baby monitor. It had a good run - almost 2 years? Sure, the temperature was always 78 degrees no matter what the season, the batteries lasted a mere 24 hours and there was all kinds of static when it was in use. So, all the time. However, it did the job - we always knew when Autumn needed us.

A few weeks ago the AC adapter became very sensitive and temperamental. It had to be plugged in just right to work. The static only seemed to be getting worse and a few days ago it finally went caput. There was no fine tuning the adapter, our poor monitor had given up.

Is it weird that I was excited to shop for a new one?

Well over a year ago when I'd been at a newborn session at a clients home I saw this little unit on their kitchen counter. It wasn't making any noise and wasn't doing anything aside from a bright red light. Could it be? It was - a monitor! It was crystal clear and so incredibly quiet... Turns out it was digital. Who knew? Keeping that in mind, I did some research. Some digital monitors can run upwards of $200. That's just crazy talk. Instead, I settled on one with great reviews from Walmart:

This monitor has all the bells and whistles - a rechargable battery, a vibration option (great for Adam when he has his headphones on), super compact size and it's completely digital. When we plugged it in, we had to test it to make sure it was actually working because it is so quiet. There is absolutely no static. I can hear Autumn crystal clear - I can even hear her breathing. Which, after a scary story at girls night this week that is some comfort I need.

Sure, it's about twice the cost of your basic analog monitor but I only got 2 years out of that monitor and I listed to what could only be construed as aliens attempting to make radio contact vs. the well being of my child. I highly, highly recommend this monitor! =)

Thus ends the story of my exciting baby-mama purchase.


  1. I was thinking of computer monitor when I saw the heading. Wasn't expecting a baby monitor. We sometimes could hear other people from our monitor.

  2. I have that same monitor. I bought it with Daisy since our old monitor bit the dust in storage between #3 and #4. Love it! and I know you will too.

  3. I thought computer montior, too. =) Isn't it funny how being married and having kids totally changes your perspective on things you want and buy? And how little things like a new baby monitor can totally make you happy. =)