Oh Happy Day

I had the BEST birthday. Best birthday ever! 27 years and this birthday is the best.

Woke up, had a church thing. Oh - but before I left, my hubby had left my present on my computer (an iPad case, it's fabulous) and a love note on the door made out of post-its. Too cute right? Got a free smoothie at Panera because it was my birthday. Watched mindless TV during the day while Autumn napped (which I never get to do - did you know there is NOTHING to watch in the middle of the day?) and played outside and with my cute little girl. Hung out with my mom and Dad for a few, left my windows down during a flash rainstorm. Opps! Said goodbye to my sweet girl, went home to get ready for my hot date with my hubby. I wore a skirt. A SKIRT. But I had flip flops on, so it's still "cas". Adam wanted to stop by my parents house to get my other gift which was a sah-weet new chair for my desk. I do a lot of sittin'. So thoughtful and I can't wait to try it out. Said goodbye to my sweet girl again. Went out to dinner. Yummy King Crab legs. Splurged. It's my birthday! Barely ate half of it. Had to save room for Popcorn. Mm... so bad for the heart and hips, but so good. Watched a sad, funny, happy movie - Crazy, Stupid, Love - and loved it! Laughed the whole way home with my sweetheart. Oh, and I broke Facebook in the process of responding to all my awesome friends who wished me a great day.

In case I didn't get a chance to respond, friends - it ruled. My day ruled.


  1. glad it was an awesome day! it's probably bc i wished you to have the best birthday. you're welcome! :)