My Birthday! More like birth week actually...

I had an awesome birthday! I enjoyed it so much in fact that I managed to stretch it out for an entire week. =) It was the greatest birthday I've had in years and one I won't soon forget. Here is a run down of my week...

Tuesday, my birthday - Autumn and I woke up early for a meeting with some of my favorite ladies from church. On my computer I happened to find a wrapped gift from "Autumn". It turned out to be the iPad case I'd put on my wishlist! Adam also scored a few more points by leaving me a sweet note on the door, which I didn't notice until we were almost headed out!

After leaving my friend Anna's house, Autumn and I made a special trip to Panera to get my special "birthday treat", which ended up being a yummy Strawberry Lemonade smoothie! I love free stuff!

I just had to post this picture of my lovely lunch date. For the past couple months she has had this thing with helmets. I should be glad she loves to wear them except that she loves to wear them everywhere! After Autumn's nap I took her over to my parents for a sleep over. We chatted for a while and then I headed home to get ready for my big date! I wore a skirt. A skirt! Thought I'd get fancy =)

Adam insisted we stop by my parents to pick up my big present, so off to my parents we went. He gave me a sweet card and an epic upgrade to my current computer chair:

Bam! I've had the chair on the left for 6 years now and there is no cushion, no padding on the arms... My new chair is amazing! Adam really spoiled me! He is so thoughtful with all of his gifts. Major upgrade! We said goodbye to Autumn again and went off on our date. After much debate, we decided to just stay local and true to one of our favorites, so we went to Red Lobster. I splurged, getting the King Crab Legs! It was massive (1.5lbs!) and barely ate half of them.

After dinner we rushed over to the movie theater to see Crazy, Stupid, Love. We'd heard such great things about it, so we were both really excited. Not to mention since having kids we've become one of "those couples" who can't remember the last movie they saw in a theater. Since it is such a rare occasion, again, we splurged. We bought drinks and popcorn and settled in. The movie was really good - we love Steve Carrell!

It was a great night. Despite my parents being so willing to watch Autumn for us, I always feel obligated to rush home and relieve them of her. Since she was spending the night, we were able to really relax and take our time. It was a blast!!

Wednesday - I had hoped to sleep in since I was sans Autumn for the morning, but wouldn't you know Popcorn and Seafood aren't exactly a winning combination? I was glad I ended up feeling better because my good friends Karen and Anna were taking me to lunch at Olive Garden, another one of my favorites! It was yummy, as usual.

Thursday - Girls Night! Once a month we have food night and this was the night! The girls brought yummy appetizers to share. I did my friend Ann's hair, laughed with friends and got new ideas for crafts and other projects.

Friday - My best friend Josh took Autumn and I out for a delicious lunch at Brother's Encore. I love their steak and cheese subs! After Autumn's nap we were on our way to the pool when Adam drove in a few hours earlier than he normally gets home. It was a nice surprise he was able to get off early!

Our community pool is so great! It's right down the street so we walk and as you can see in the above picture, Autumn had the whole pool to herself! After a while at the pool we headed to Ikea! With the whole family home we decided to make a night of it. We had dinner at the Ikea restaurant (Autumn eats free until the 21st!) and bought a few things I needed to revamp my office space. That's still a work in progress, so pics to come at a later date!

Autumn testing out the beds at Ikea. She climbed right up, Ernie in toe, and covered herself in blankets. She's so silly.

Saturday - We waited until my sister was back from her family vacation to celebrate my birthday as a family. My mom made me delicious BBQ ribs and our yummy family Potato Salad. She even found and made me a delcious peanut butter cake! Diego was incredibly excited because it reminded him a lot of Aunt Chelsey's Reeses brownie cake.

I got lots of thoughtful and fun gifts from my family. My dad even surprised me by buying a remote for my digital camera! I guess my asking to borrow his was a hint =)

It was a great week and a great birthday. I am exactly where I wanted to be when I pictured my life at 27. I have a beautiful home that I love, a sweet husband, an adorable little girl, a job that I love and keeps my creative mind flowing, great friends (near and far) and an amazing family that helps me whenever I need them. It's been a great year and I can't wait to see what the next year has in store!

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  1. Sounds like an incredible birthday! You deserve it! And I think I'd like to see the recipe for that Reese's cake, please. =)