Project: Backyard Cleanup!

I don't believe I've ever posted images of it, so few people even know we have a backyard, a stone patio and a swing under our deck. We don't spend much time back there - it was completely overgrown when we moved in and since we moved in shortly after July 4th it was too hot out to work on it. With warm weather approaching I have been trying to clean up the growth. The ivy someone thought was a good idea is a lost cause, but I'm eager to rip up the weeds, clip the bushes and bring back into view the actual nice landscaping that was once done back there.

I took Autumn out back one night after dinner, but she didn't enjoy it as much as I thought she would. She was smart enough to know the woods were right behind the gate and that I wasn't opening it anytime soon.

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  1. I remember seeing your backyard when we took the grand tour of your house. It's such a great space! I'm looking forward to seeing you work your magic on it. =)