A trip to the West Virginia Mattingleys - oh wait.

Over Christmas break my brother Joel and his family invited us up to see their new house in Maryland. That's right, West Virginia Mattingleys no more! My brother was doing about a 2 hour commute each way from their home in WV so moving to Brunswick, Maryland cut his commute in half.

First off - it's GORGEOUS! My brothers wood work and my sister in laws awesome decorating skills played equal parts. I always love going to their house - I get so inspired by all their projects. They have done so much to the house despite being there for such a short time. It is definitely the kind of home I aspire to have one day - but right now keeping my townhouse organized is about all I can handle.

This TV is ginormous. I forget just how big, but Joel let us check out its 3D capabilities by showing us the first few minutes of Monsters vs. Aliens. Cousins Anthony and Dallin enjoyed the movie, even without the glasses. =)

My brother finally has his media room. Their new house had a finished basement and the perfect nook for his setup. He has another TV mounted behind the screen, but he has the projector mounted to the ceiling for "movie time". He has massive speakers as well. Very hi-tech, very "Joel".

Once the lights went down, he popped in Avatar (which I have still never seen). It was IMPRESSIVE. I would never go to the theater again. The whole room shook and were the most impressive home theater speakers I have ever heard. Put our great little Bose 5.1 system to shame, but don't tell Adam I admitted that. Poor Autumn isn't much a movie goer though - it was a little loud for her to handle! I'm also very glad Adam didn't join us for this trip (he was working) - the last thing I need is for him to get any ideas...

My sister in law Chelsey is a devil woman. That's right - chocolate marshmallow frosting surrounded by TWO layers of brownies, topped with more frosting and chopped reeses peanut butter cups. It is sinful on a plate! Chelsey could easily have her own cookbook - her food is always so delicious! She made us paninis for dinner and artichoke and spinach dip... which I have since cooked 3 times using her recipe!

And lastly, another display of cousin affection... Luke is the only cousin younger than Autumn but she better be careful - he out weighs her! She was trying to step around him and instead found herself a comfortable seat. It was too funny.

It was a great trip up and I can't wait to go back! I am sad the holidays are over, but I am glad to have my house back in order and the Christmas stuff packed away. My big Christmas gift (my new glass storm door) is being delivered and installed on Thursday and I can't wait!


  1. I better not let Jason see this post. Of course, we don't have a basement, so there's only so far those dreams can go for now. =)

    You'll love having a storm door!!

  2. I only wish we were as cool as you make us sound Kel. Come again soon!