Christmas Morning

Despite being a "humble" Christmas by previous standards, I think Adam and I made out with more loot than we have in years. We each got one big present and then just a few small simple gifts. Overall, this Christmas day was by far one of my favorite in recent memory. Just a happy day with lots of joy!

Oh and I feel I should mention that one of Santa's Elves dies every time a family gets dressed, does hair/makeup, etc. before opening presents. Not wanting to add to the bloodshed, you will find no such order or togetherness from our Christmas morning pictures. =)

Autumn playing with her stocking stuffers. New bows and a new hairbrush!

I love her bed head and just woke up eyes.

I'm super proud of Autumn's hand-eye coordination. She loves doing the shape sorter with my Dad at my parents place so I finally found a super cute shape sorter for our house.

Adam with his big present - a Blu-Ray burner. He's already ripping movies like crazy.

Taking a break from the shape sorter to open some super cute books from Aunt Karen and Uncle Jason. These will definitely be going on Autumn's shelves when I get around to buying them...

"Here Autumn, here's another present!"

"Just a minute mom. Dad's got that heavy, expensive flashy thing you never let me play with..."

"But - plastic food!"

Adam picked out this super cute back pack for Autumn all by himself. He came up with the idea, picked out the bag and ordered it all on his own. Autumn loves it! She kept it on all Christmas morning. We even took it to Church on sunday and put a few goodies in it!

I put one of those crunchy Santas in Autumn's stocking and she wasted no time ripping off the foil. She held onto it all Christmas morning. I found traces of it all over days after Christmas. But hey - that's what Christmas is all about.

A few years ago my mom made the family sausage egg mcmuffins after Chrstimas morning (I don't believe in  having breakfast prior to opening gifts, along with that whole elf blood brutality makeup business) and I loved them so much I kept it going as a tradition. So yummy.

Still working on that chocolate and sporting her tiger backpack.

My little flapper girl =) Ready to go to Nanas! My sister and I have our Christmas mornings with our families and then head over to my parents to open presents with them. I love having 2 Christmas mornings!

My favorite people.

I love having a girl! She got a super cute pink butterfly backpack from the Cincy Mattingleys filled with girly things including her necklaces she's sporting in this pic. She LOVES necklaces.

She loves her Aunt Jodi!

"Hey, there's that heavy flashy thing again."

Yes, that's a trash truck. Autumn LOVES cars. She's watched her "brother" Anthony push around enough cars and trucks on my parents floor that she second she could crawl she was doing the same thing. Even when she ventured into nursery at church for a few minutes this week she went straight for the cars and trucks. =) Having been a Micro Machine addict as a kid it's a proud moment.

Diego and Autumn. He is such a good helper with her. She really takes to him. It was so cute when he walked in the other day and she ran right over to him, gave him a hug and wanted to be picked up.

Chatting on her new Leap Frog phone from Nana and Grandpa.

My Dad spoiled my mom this year! I loved watching them exchange gifts. This is her opening her new cd player for her car. Years ago she accidentally shoved an extra disc into the 6-changer player. Ford wanted over $1000 to fix it, so we just bought a new one. I'll be so excited as well - it now supports iPods. Borrowing the car in style! =)

Autumn with her mini trash truck next to Anthony and his big one. =) It makes similar noises and the lights flash as well. It's so cute.

Merry Christmas!!

We spent the rest of the night at my parents, having another mini-Christmas feast with a roasting chicken, rolls, potatoes, stuffing and corn. I LOVE holiday meals!

This week I placed the order for my big Christmas gift from Adam and his parents, my new glass storm door for the front of our house! I can't wait. I've been putting off buying it for months so now I have no excuse to not finally just do it.

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  1. Autumn is so gorgeous!! I love her in her little pajamas, and also in her super cute hat!

    Also, it's totally unfair that you look amazing without makeup.