Sneaky Sneaky

Do I have the best sister in the world or what?!

I was shocked when I saw this pile of goodies on my floor when I headed over to my house today. My darling sister surprised us with our first housewarming gift(s)! She knows us well - Pepsi, Butterfingers, a gift certificate to one of our favorite resturaunts... I guess she knows that with a house payment now we can't afford the finer things in life!

It was such a thoughtful gift and a complete shock. We are so appreciative! The supplies will definitely help us get the house ready for us to move in.Thanks Jodi! You're the best!


  1. Ah yes, that pesky mortgage. Better make those Butterfingers last! =)

    I love Jodi's gift idea - very cute, and of course, very thoughtful. She's a keeper. =)

  2. love this. sisters really are the best.