Dance puppet, dance!

Cleaning some pictures off my SD Card. I've been neglectful in posting pictures of her since I abandoned Project 365. For shame...

She was a real sport considering this was after a long 3 hours of church.

Her room is coming along so good! She'll have the nicest bedroom in the house - heck, she might even have the only bed (we have one on "layaway" at Mattress Warehouse but no real plan as to how to get it off). Hopefully I can finish it this weekend - stay tuned! The rest of the house is coming along. With a week to go before the carpet comes, I am in hyper drive! The main floor is ready for trim and the kitchen just needs one more coat!


  1. So cute--I love this age. They are super cute, fun to play with, and still content to lay on the floor and stare at the ceiling fan. It's the best of all worlds. :) Lauren likes her dress.

  2. Just when I think she can't get any cuter...

    And I think your mom is obviously having way too much fun being the puppeteer. =)