The Fun Run

Each year Autumn's school puts on a "Fun Run". You can do the single mile or they have a longer race as well. They must have really pumped it up at school, because it was all that Autumn could talk about. The words "Kelli" and "running" have never shared the same sentence comfortably, but luckily Grandpa runs races and is quite the avid runner. A perfect activity for the two of them and a perfect out for me! 

It was an early start in the morning. Autumn and my Dad headed over to the school early to make sure they would arrive for the start of the races. After Brody and I got dressed and found a place to park, we found them just as they were rounding the school. Despite Autumn's new "running shoes" and "workout outfit", there was a bit of walking. Luckily she and Grandpa finished strong when she saw the finish line! They both got medals, a lunch and a goodie bag! 

Clearly, however, she shares my affinity for running. When I told her I'd run it with her and Brody next year she said, "I don't think I'll do it next year. It was a lot of work."

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