Brody's 3rd Birthday

Brody had a fantastic third birthday. It was filled with the usual traditions - a birthday donut in bed, a Sunday afternoon dinner with family, and of course the traditional photo with Mom and Dad. This past year, Brody's love for trains has exploded. He's never loved the cartoon as much as he has the Thomas and Train toys, but it was still the perfect theme for his special day. We keep things fairly minimal, but one place we don't skimp is on the cake! One again, my very talented friend Liz of The Pink Ruffle Cakery made our cake. I told her that Brody loved Thomas, and Thomas and Percy were his favorite. She nailed it, once again! We just hate cutting into it!

Most of Brody's gifts were awesome thrift store finds. From Thomas Flashlights to a whole collection of play tools, I found everything for such a great bargain. Add in gifts from Nana and Grandpa, Jodi and and boys and Aunt Sue, and we had a very spoiled little boy. 

I thought it would be fun to share a look back at the past 3 years - our tradition continues. I can't wait to look back at these one day to see how Brody grows and how Adam and I change!

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