Back to School

I was so very excited for my very first back to school night. As a mom, I look forward to hitting new milestones with Autumn and seeing her grow. Kindergarten was and has been such a huge change for us. Her growing means new things for me as well. Things I'd always dreamed about - doing "mom things", and going to back to school night for my child was one of them. I still sometimes feel like I am playing house! 

We all sat at our child's desk for the evening. There was a big pile of goodies waiting for us.


I had told Autumn to leave me something special to find at her desk. I found it right away in her little pencil cubby. It made my night! I loved the card she'd made me with the class as well. She could have drawn anything, but she drew me and her!

As a fun activity during the evening, Autumn's teacher instructed all of the parents to look at a wall of self-portraits drawn by the class. She handed us all a post-it and challenged us to identify our child's portrait. When she said go, all of the parents stood back and carefully studied the wall of portraits. I, however, immediately walked up to the picture below and slapped Autumn's name on it. A wall of parents behind me, one of them said, "Well that was quick!" I responded with a smile, "She's the only one in the class with glasses..."

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