The Beach Part Deux 2015

There was no better way to cap off the summer than with a trip to the beach one last time. Things were a little hectic for a while, as the school board went and changed the start date of school long after we'd already reserved our house for the week. After some last minute scrambling we found a new house, and really, I think it all worked out for the best. We all loved the rental home and the proximity to the beach that it offered. It was a quiet street, a very short walk to the ocean and close to all of our favorite shops. And by shops, clearly, I mean Duck Donuts. 

Somewhere between June and August, someone switched my little boy for one that absolutely LOVED the ocean and couldn't get enough of it! He didn't want a thing to do with it in June, but in August he couldn't get into the water fast enough. He also playing in the sand and loved hunting for crabs with Aunt Chelsey.

Just off the sliding glass door in my room with the kids was a little balcony. It was perfect for Brody to play trains or do Legos no matter what the weather or if he needed a bit of alone time.

Brody loved hunting for the little crabs that appear after a wave comes up over the sand. Chelsey is by far the superior "crab finder" and Brody couldn't get enough of holding them. 

Also a big hit? The outdoor shower. Good thing we weren't paying the water bill, because he was in there a while...

It was great this past trip to have more cousins join us. A big enough house and school schedules allowed all the starts to align, and having more playmates throughout the week made such a huge difference. Of course, electronics and movie nights were a big hit that brought all the kids together!

Sorry, I can't resist pictures of sleeping kiddos! Adam stayed home to work the week we were gone, so it was just the kiddos and I on our own. They loved sharing a room with mom - and more importantly, moms bed. They fell asleep this way, but someone always ended up on the air mattress on the floor. 

Since I was on my own this week, Jodi's boys were such a great help with my kids. From helping them at the pool or the ocean, to taking them on bike rides throughout the week. They're all such great helps. 

Brody, just wanting to be one of the big boys. 

It was another great trip. We couldn't have asked for a better week and a way to close out our summer. Thanks Mom and Dad for another great trip!

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