Summer Photo Dump

As summer winds down and will soon come to an end, I thought I would dump some of the random photos that have been sitting on my phone. Many of these are repeats if you follow me on Instagram, but there might be quite a few new ones!

We have LIVED at our pool this summer! 

Autumn's first Kindergarten purchase - a lunch box!

This summer we tried to take Brody to see Minions. He LOVES all the Minion movies, but for some reason he freaked out in the movie theater. We didn't get popcorn right away, which would have been a better distraction. Once Adam took him to go get some, he couldn't get him back into the theater. So, Adam got he and Brody a refund and walked the mall while Autumn and I finished the movie. Better luck next time! 

My gorgeous girl and her new "big girl glasses", aka, breakable and not plastic! They're on crooked here, but she looks so cute in them! 

Autumn and Brody liked sleeping together after bunking up at the beach in June. They always seemed to prefer the floor in Brody's room, but once I did convince them to use Autumn's bed (which even has a trundle). They always looked so cute and played so well together! It's a fun summer special thing. 

In case you're confused, yes, this picture was edited for modesty =)

Brody learned how to pedal a big bike. He's been on a trike for a long time, so this was pretty exciting! He also shows off his new Bert in these pictures. On our way into the store one day, he insisted that Bert needed to walk too. 

So...we got a fish. When we went to the store the guy, who was very good at his job, didn't seem to understand I wasn't looking for a long time commitment. As to not out myself as a fish killer, I stuck with his suggestion. I bring you "Shimmer" the Beta fish. Still alive at time of posting. 

Autumn loves to watch Nail Art videos with me on Instagram. She picked out these strawberry nails and they actually came out really cute on her!

A few weeks ago some of the cousins came in town to play!

We've been able to see old friends from school over the summer that we haven't seen in what feels like forever!

Brody hasn't taken naps ever since he broke his leg. However, we've been so busy this summer that I have caught him crashing quite a few times!

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