July 4th

We kept July 4th low-key this year. We did a pulled pork dinner at my folks and set off a few fireworks in the street. When Brody, Autumn and I went to purchase the fireworks, Autumn gave me very strict instructions that they had to be quiet fireworks. No whistling and no loud noises. Luckily, the firework workers didn't lead me astray! Autumn wouldn't even touch a sparkler, but Brody loved them!

This video cracks me up, everytime. His face and body movements at :11 just kills me.

After dinner, Adam and Autumn went home while Brody and I went to find a spot to watch the big fireworks my parent's community puts on. I grew up going to these fireworks, so it's fun to share them with the kids! Autumn again, didn't want anything to do with the noise. Brody and I found a perfect spot and watched the fireworks away from the crowds. He insisted I cover his ears the whole time, but he loved it!

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