Frozen on Ice!

In October, I became the BEST MOM EVER by surprising Autumn with a mommy-daughter date to see Frozen on Ice! I'd originally seen that the show was coming to the local arena months in advance, but they weren't selling tickets yet. When the sale of tickets finally came - I was way late and all of the good seats were sold out. A few weeks later, they ended up adding two dates and I was able to score tickets! 

I decided to surprise Autumn as a late Birthday gift. We went to swim lessons the morning of like nothing unusual was happening. However, when we got home, I told her that we had to get Brody ready to go to Nana's, because we were going to see Frozen. She was so excited! She fashioned herself in her Elsa dress and off we went. 

It was a really fun afternoon of overpriced arena food and souvenirs, but we had a blast. The show itself was great. The ice skaters themselves didn't do any singing or talking. They just lip synced to the audio and singing from the movie, which was chopped up and condensed into a live ice show. It was really well done and I had just as much fun as Autumn did. She still talks about it, and I still have the fun memories of hanging out with just my sweet girl!

I let her pick whatever souvenir she wanted. It wouldn't have been my first choice, but she loved it, and that's all the mattered!

Before the show started, we got a "pre-show" from all the main Disney characters.

Popcorn. Her favorite.

This was my attempt to have a stranger take our picture together. Fail.

A great day with my sweet girl!

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