That Time Autumn Kinda Played Soccer

Last week, I had the chance to take the soccer pictures for Autumn and her teammates. It's probably a good thing I took the pictures, because when it came time for the team photo, Autumn wanted nothing to do with it. After I snapped the team picture I managed to get Autumn in the same spot and to stand just as the other kids did - and photoshopped her in later. Mom: 1 Autumn: 0. 

The prints are on order now, and it will be fun to have this keepsake. I felt a little guilty since Autumn didn't really participate much, but she was technically signed up and we did give it a good effort at each game to try and help and encourage her. Who knows, maybe when she gets older she will be more confident and brave enough to give it another try, but for now, I am grateful for these keepsakes of the time she kinda played soccer =)

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