The Saturday before Easter is when we do all the conventional holiday stuff - easter bunny, easter baskets, egg hunts, etc. We save Sunday "for Jesus" as I liked to say. I prepared simple baskets for the kids the night before, and snuck down after bed to leave a little Easter surprise for Adam - a Playstation 4! He was shocked, especially since he didn't realize we were celebrating Easter on a Saturday. 

After they opened their baskets and played with their new goodies for a while, we went over to Nana and Grandpa's for an egg hunt. Since the cousins no longer do a Mattingley hunt, it's up to me to put together something for my little ones. 

Brody was not all that interested in finding eggs, but Autumn happily hunted down his extra eggs with the help of Anthony, who helped me hide the eggs. Autumn and Brody were happy to have dinner with Nana and the boys, and spend the evening there while Adam and I went out bowling with friends. The kids were exhausted when we got home and fell asleep in the car, so it was an easy night for us! A great, but exhausting, Easter.

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