Visiting Grandpa at Work

Autumn is a handful. She's incredibly strong willed and can be exceptionally stubborn, and then five minutes later be the sweetest, more affectionate little girl you've ever met. My mom tells me often this is karma, and that Autumn and I are/were the very same way. That gives me faith things will improve because clearly, I am awesome. Until then, I've tried everything in the book to help deter tantrums when she doesn't mind or listen. We've tried just about everything in the books, and something new we tried a few months ago was a "marble jar". She earns marbles for good behavior, and loses marbles for bad. I'm not sure how effective it's been, as losing a marble usually just escalates the ongoing tantrum or bad behavior to epic proportions.

Most of you know that my Dad has his own company and for the past few years has worked from home, working on various contracts and teaching at UMUC as well. A few weeks ago he signed on for a new contract - one that will move him to NYC during the week. Before that move, he's working in a temporary office of the client's in Old Town Alexandria.

Once Autumn filled her marble jar, that meant it was time for a reward! She decided she wanted to go visit Grandpa at work for her special day. As I'm pretty sure EVERYONE knows, Autumn and her grandpa are best friends. It's been equally hard on both of them that he's not at home and able to play with her as often as they'd like. So, going to visit him at work and spend some time with him was definitely worthy of a "marble jar special day".

Autumn graciously allowed Brody and I to tag along on her special day.

We walked down to the water and walked down the pier to look at all the big boats and ducks. 

Autumn insisted we stop for a balloon. 

After our walk by the water, we went to lunch together at Bugsy's and it was delicious! Despite the traffic on our way home, it was a really fun day!

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