I'm a soccer mom!

I've signed Autumn up for spring soccer - her first organized sport or activity. I'm officially a soccer mom! Despite having never played soccer a day in my life, I could not be more excited. I love hitting these new milestones and trying new things with Autumn as she gets older.

Autumn is on the same team as my friend's little boy Mark, and his Dad also happens to be the coach. We're very excited about that, and Mark and his Mom brought over Autumn's uniform yesterday with a "get well goodie bag" following her surgery. Since Autumn has recovered so quickly, we used the day to go out and pick out her first pair of cleats. I feel like I scored a personal victory today by convincing Autumn to purchase the cleats that matched her new uniform. Clearly, it was meant to be!

*No 20 month olds were harmed during the shopping trip behind this blog post...

Adam couldn't help prepping Brody for his future sport endeavors on our way out...

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