Autumn's Eye Check

Autumn had another one of her 6 week eye checkups this past week. Since our last visit, the Doctor really wanted us to push patching and give it another try. He recommended a special website called Patch Pals that have soft, reusable decorative patches available for purchase. We picked out a purple unicorn patch and I waited. In fact, I'm realizing I've posted about this! So yeah, since then we've been patching. Some days we get 30 minutes out of her and some days we get almost 2 hours. We bribe her with ice cream and going outside. She usually does it about 3-5 days a week, which is amazing progress of where we were when she was first diagnosed a year and a half ago.

She has improved SO MUCH since July! The doctor was so impressed and said that her vision was getting better. Last visit I had noticed her eye turning inward again and he said it's because that eye still can't see. This visit I told him how since patching I hadn't noticed it turning again, another sign it's getting stronger. Dr. P and the nurses made a big deal about her progress and it was such a great visit.

The only downside is that Dr. P did discuss with me the possibility of Autumn needing another surgery. She had her initial surgery to correct her esotropia and amblyopia, but also to correct her Brown's syndrome (where the eye can't look up). He said that the opposite nerve that he cut is now tightening, pulling her eye too high when she looks up and to the side. We knew there was a chance she would need another surgery, but it still kind of stinks. We're still going to continue with patching and evaluate in a couple months.

But I am so proud of my sweet little four eyes!


  1. Way to go, Mama! I know patching has been rough. It's excited to see progress and to know it's worth it.