Hodge Podge of Beach Photos

While we always rent the same house in June (it's one of the few that can fit us all!), we mix things up every now and again in August. This year we ventured to a new house (just 3 or so houses down from the last one we stayed at) and we LOVED it. It sits perched up on a hill which made for panoramic views. The ocean from the kitchen windows (we were able to see if it was red flag in the morning, which was great!) and a gorgeous sound sunset on the decks on the backside of the house.

The main floor upstairs was super open and bright. When you walked upstairs in the morning, all you saw was the sound water. Gorgeous! If you look below, you'll notice a little office to the left. This was a perfect getaway for my Dad. He kept his laptop up there and was able to be involved, but still be off on his own.

Another bonus for my Dad was the screened porch - he loves a good screened porch.

This pool was as long if not longer than the pool in June, just a bit narrower. I loved the surround of the pool and the layout in general. It was quite a bit deeper than it looks though, that's for sure!

This was my room! I originally had thought I wanted another room, but when I saw this "nook" and long hallway I thought it would be perfect for Brody and Autumn to be separated a little bit. He slept in the closet and I was able to still move around the room or put Autumn to bed without being seen. When Adam came down by surprise, we just made Autumn a bed on the floor and it worked out perfect. It's nice at the beach in August not to be in a shoe box all week!

Since Adam came down, we headed out for another trip to our favorite restaurant down there, Fishbones. It's a dive, but it's so affordable. As you can see, I couldn't even take a picture fast enough before I tore into my calamari. Those crab legs were probably the best I've ever had. They came out in one solid chunk - it was SO GOOD.

This trip I rented a bike carrier for the week. Autumn's too big for the single bike seat and I knew I couldn't get away with taking one kid over the other. My mom was convinced I wouldn't be able to pull the kids (for shame mother!) but it was honestly like I had nothing attached. My being out of shape had nothing to do with the kids hooked on back! I biked about 10 miles over the week, so it wasn't too shabby!

Autumn really wore herself out this trip. I found her like this one afternoon.

Another beach tradition - Duck Donuts! We really went for the first time this past June (I've never been an early riser, and never went because I thought you had to go at 7 to see them made - which you don't) and I was hooked. Those peanut butter ones with chocolate sprinkles? TO DIE FOR. They custom make your donuts on the spot. So good.

Another tradition - hitting the Christmas Mouse. It's a store full of Christmas ornaments and decorations. You'd be hard pressed not to find what you're looking for here. It's tradition to buy "yearly" ornaments for mile stones we reach. I bought a first day of school one for Autumn, Brody loves Spongebob, and IT one for Adam, a self-explanatory camera one for me, Autumn loves the teenage mutant ninja turtles and we always pick up a beach ornament each year. It really makes pulling out the ornaments and decorating the tree so much fun each year.

Brody loved the deck upstairs. It had a gate so he couldn't get down, and he loved the freedom of being able to play and wander. No amount of spliters or slivers seemed to bother him!


  1. LOVE your photos! I've only been once and would love to make it an annual trip. What agency do you book with?

  2. We book with Southern Shores Realty =)