Dear Brody

Dear Brody,

At 10 months old, you are full of personality. You brighten my day just being around you! Whether it's the way your puppy dog eyes look at me when I first walk into your room in the morning, or the way you raise your arms and slap the shopping cart in pure joy when we're out shopping - you make me smile. You're a huge flirt with such a big, huge, full grin.

Speaking of your grin, you finally have a tooth! At long last! You were drooling and have been teething for what feels like months and just last week your first tooth (the bottom right) finally broke through the skin. I can see the left one right next to it on it's way. You're going to look so different and grown up with teeth; I can't handle it!

Because you've been teething and growing so big over the past few weeks, your sleeping schedule has been a little wonky. You use to be down at 8:15, 8:30, but with so many factors working against you, some nights it's not until 10 when you finally give up. Luckily, you sleep until 9:30-10:30, so it could be worse. You're getting better though, and going back to bed around 9 with little fuss, and still sleeping past 9 most mornings. I couldn't ask for much more!

Let's see - you're still drinking 6oz of formula about 3 times a day, and eating 3 square meals. You love peaches, chicken nuggets, graham crackers, ritz crackers, fruit loops and yogurt. Since summer is in full spring, you have been opened to the world of ice cream sandwiches and YOU ARE A FAN. Grandpa gives you a hard time, but you're a wee bit noisy when you eat. "Nom nom nom nom!" You are a man who enjoys his food and wants everyone to know about it!

This past month you went to the pool for the very first time! You were too small last year, so I was extra excited for you to take your first dip! You were apprehensive at first, and while you love it, you're done after about 10 minutes of floating around. You also had your first trip to the lake and the same thing - you liked being in the water, but weren't super crazy about it. The sand kind of freaked you out. Here's to hoping the beach opens you to the wonders and amazingness of the water!

Other things you love: walks, baths (you've gone in head first fully dressed when you're too impatient for me to take off your clothes...), french fries, Dora's mini van, the magna-doodle toy, pulling out all the night lights from the sockets, climbing up the stairs, climbing up the stairs some more...

You love your daddy! Who needs a dog? When Daddy comes home you crawl to the door as fast as you can to give him some love!

You don't say any words yet, but you do talk. "Hooo hooo ohhh" - you make this sound and wrap your little top lip around your gums and shape your mouth into a perfect "o". It's so stinking cute. You're constantly chattering, but nothing recognizable.

You're wearing a size 3 diaper and 12 month sized clothes. You keep growing that I've completely depleted my stock of hand me downs and have had to stock up on summer clothes for you!

I love having a little boy. You're so easy going and always smiling from ear to ear. You're so much more curious than Autumn ever was. You're always on the go, getting into everything! I'm having to watch you so much closer than I did your big sister. You're still not a big snuggler or cuddler, so I soak it up when you smile and bashfully rub your head into my neck or chest. That usually makes my day.

We don't get a lot of one on one time, so when we do, I soak it up. You're just always so happy that it puts me in a better mood. I'm pretty proud of how awesome you are! I love having a little boy. I can't wait until you can walk, until you start talking to me all about dirt and trucks. You're just such a little stud.

Everyone says you look just like you Daddy. It's true. I'm starting to see it now. You definitely have his big huge smile, and it's your best quality! You have his blue eyes, but my fair skin. You're white and milky, just like mama!

You have completed our family. You're so sweet, even when Autumn steam rolls over you and asserts her age over you. You helped me see I can in fact love two babies. I love you for reasons all your own and I'm so grateful for what you teach me everyday. When I think of you, all I think of is that sweet, sweet smile and the twinkle in your eyes. You're my handsome little boy that melts my heart, and I love you.


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