Dear Brody

Dear Brody,

In just a few days, you will be 8 months old. In 4 short months you'll be celebrating your first birthday! I seriously can't believe it. You've kept me on my toes and it has just whizzed by.

A few weeks ago you made the transition from pack and play in mom and dad's room to your big boy crib. You've been sleeping 12 hours through the night ever since and I couldn't be more grateful! You're going down for bed by 8 and sleeping until a little after 8, sometimes later, sometimes earlier. That means both you and your sister are sequestered to your rooms by 8 and I get to have mommy time - you'll realize when you're older how essential mommy time is.

You've moved up in the world from 5oz. of formula every few hours to a love for graham crackers and this week you mastered meaty macaroni for dinner and pancakes for breakfast. You're a bit pickier than your sister was, but you're easing into things at your own pace.

For weeks now you've been getting around everywhere by scooting backwards on your tummy, rotating in circles to get where you need to go. Then you found yourself up on your knees, rocking back and forth but collapsing before you got anywhere. This past week you lunge forward with a push off the back legs, but haven't quite coordinated your arms and legs to work together. I expect to be chasing after you any day now and breaking up the fights between you and your sister.

Though you've been working on teeth for what feels like months, the past few weeks have been especially tough. You're drooling like a leaky faucet, soaking whatever you wear. You're chewing on anything you can get your hands on - my finger, Nana's necklaces and watches, hard toys and the socks you pull off your feet. Unfortunately you've made little progress in the way of actually popping out teeth, which is both frustrating for you and me. There's little I can do to help you, but I still love your toothless, gummy little grin!

Speaking of that grin, you are still the smiliest baby. Everyone tells me how Daddy gets you laughing in Sunday School (I'll have to reinforce reverence when you're older...) and how you have such a sweet belly laugh. The things that get you worked up are so random, but you're a ball full of energy. If you're not "bah bah bah"ing all over the place, you're blowing bubbles with your lips or sucking them in and showing off just how chubby your little cheeks are. Although you've gotten shyer over the past few weeks, if a stranger is patient enough they can get a sincere grin out of you!

Growing like a weed, you're 19.4 pounds - you'd grown about a pound in 3 weeks since the doctor had seen you. You're a tall, long boy, just like your Daddy because we all know you won't get that from me!

I love the moments we have just to ourselves. Focusing on your blue eyes, your little hands and your little toes. You have completed our family and brought such a new dynamic to our lives. You're so much better than I could have pictured for the 9 months I carried you in my belly (which still isn't gone by the way, but you were worth every extra pound). I can't wait to watch you grow and hit new milestones - your first time in the pool, your second (but really your first, a few weeks old doesn't count!) trip to the beach, crawling, walking, talking... just everything. I should never have worried about having enough love to go around for you and Autumn both, because you've made it so easy.

You are a super stud and I'm so lucky to call you mine. Until you get married and some broad becomes the number one lady in your life. Until then, all mine =)


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