Dear Brody

Dear Brody,

In just a few days you will be 7 months old. It feels like just yesterday I was wheeling you into the bathroom in my hospital room because I didn't want to leave you alone in the room while I showered. Now, you're practically crawling and rolling all over the family room floor.

Last night was your first night sleeping in your crib, all night. We've waited because I'm not much for walking across the house multiple times a night to feed or console you in the middle of the night. Your sister and I shared a room for 8 months while we were waiting for the perfect home for our family. That worked for me, and that's just what we did this time around with you. Just recently I decided I was ready to move on and put you into your own room, which is too cute to go unused! Although I missed you, you did great! Sleeping from 7:45 until 8:15, waking just once at 3 for a little snack. The day before you'd slept all 12 hours, 7:30PM to 7:30AM and that is what gave me courage to give it a try! Again, you're growing up too fast!

You are rolling over like crazy. You can get on all fours and scoot backwards to where ever you need to go. Just this morning you got up on your hands and knees, took two "crawls" forward, but then faceplanted because you haven't quite gotten the hang of moving both your arms and legs. Soon enough! Like Nana says, that's when we'll really hear the screams from your sister, unhappy you're getting into her things.

We've tried a few solids in you and you're not interested. Your sister was a much better eater. You can pack away oatmeal and baby cereal, that's for sure! I mix apple sauce and veggies into it, just you make sure you're getting a balanced meal! Last night Nana gave you a graham cracker and you loved it... a little messy though.

When I took you to the doctor for an ear infection you had porked up to 18.8 pounds! While you're a chunky munky, you don't have any rolls and you're just as cute as can be. A wee bit heavy in the car seat though... your sister was that big at a year!

You're just the happiest kid. You're getting to be a little more shy. Not always breaking into your huge grin for strangers. But at home, with family, and just the right kind of stranger, you are non-stop smiles and giggles.

I love watching how much you adore your older sister. Anything she does is hilarious to you and you just light up when she comes into the room.

I can't wait for what the next few months have in store for us. You're hitting so many milestones! I look forward to your first trip to the beach with the family and seeing how much you love and enjoy the pool. While I hate that my little baby is growing into my little man, I can't wait to watch you grow and develop more of your personality and hear your little voice go a mile a minute.


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