I'm getting fatter.

So, as my subject says, I'm getting fatter. I don't know if it's that my birth control is adding on the weight, if I'm bloated or just genuinely gaining weight. I weighed myself Monday night, after I had dinner, to see how much Brody weighs. When I weighed myself, I was 145. I'm only like 5'6 and I have a super small frame, so I feel like the kool-aid man. OH YEAH. I've been taking it easy, so I certainly didn't think I'd be losing any weight. I've been telling myself not to stress until after the Holidays. Well, come Monday, it's time to get my act together. Darn.

My goal isn't to stress or go all hardcore diet because that's not me and if I try that, it won't work. I'd like to set some realistic goals for myself:
  • Have breakfast. I often don't eat until 2 in the afternoon, sometimes later if I have a photo shoot.
  • Use my app to track what I'm eating and stay within my "points", which is a knockoff of Weight Watchers.
  • Eat smaller portions. Order kid size meals when I'm out, use salad plates for dinner.
  • One soda a day. My friend Chance is doing one a week and that's just crazy talk. Oh and don't tell me diet because that's just disgusting. You will never convince me Coke Zero or Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi tastes the same.
  • Workout. I am not joining a gym because I won't go. I have lots of workout videos, so now it's about actually doing them. So simple!
  • Try not to eat anything heavy past 8PM.
  • Drink a glass of water a day. I was on a water kick hardcore there for a while. I need to make it a point to do at least a glass a day, probably more.
That sounds easy enough right? Who knows. I don't have the slightest clue about how to lose weight. You're talking to the girl who weighed 98 pounds in high school and ate like a line backer. I ordered TWO lunches at school. Losing weight? Yeah, no clue. So, wish me luck. I'm going to do it the right way and slowly, so hopefully I'll be done 10-15 pounds by the time I have to rock a swimsuit.


  1. Good luck my friend. I think you look great (or at least you did in your recent family pictures) but still I feel you. And think, it could be worse. By the time I have this baby I will have 80 pounds to loose. 20 to 30 of those should just fall right off after having the baby, but that will still leave me with about 50 pounds to go. 10 pounds for each baby I have giving birth too. so fun :)

  2. Thank you for saying this!! I've only got one more month until I'm supposed to have lost the weight I gained while pregnant and I'm 100% sure it's not going to happen. I'm pretty depressed about it. I didn't have a problem losing weight after Rachel, but I'm really struggling this time. I've gotta look hot for OBX in July!

    Good luck to you!

  3. You always look great Kelli! I always get huge with my babies, so I still have a ways to go, but I've been doing the itrack bites app on my phone which is the weight watchers program- is that the app you're doing?? If you are diligent with tracking points no matter what u eat u will lose your weight:) it's the only diet that I can stick to and yes, I've successfully lost weight with it and kept it off... that is until I get pregnant;)

  4. Thanks Molly! I have been using "Value Diary", but I will have to check out your app. I may like that one better. I haven't been diligent about it since I decided it was pointless during the holidays. Having a baby in the winter and during the holidays and then having to lose the baby weight while stick inside is just cruel! LOL

    I know you have done amazing things in weight loss so I will be coming to pick your brain or get pointers!

  5. I dont think it will ever be accurate to put "fat" in a sentence w/ you. I was shocked to read your goal is 1 class of water a day. Girl you need to be drinking a lot more than 1 glass. Try drinking a juice sized glass of water before you eat anything. That should be a good start to getting you drinking more water. Good luck.