Instagram, September

Since getting my iPhone, I've become a total Instagram junkie. Essentially it's like Twitter, but with images. It's like a blog, but only with images and captions. Obviously as someone that loves taking pictures, I was immediately drawn in. Forget the fact we've been perfecting the camera phone for years that we now purposely discolor and crappify photos with the app. IRRELEVANT. =)

Many of you don't use the app, and I don't post every picture to Facebook. So, here's an Instagram recap for September.

I said my weight loss goal was getting back into my favorite pair of jeans. Well - they're on! However, there is a strong likelihood bending over or sitting in them will make then rip to shreds Hulk style. Perhaps I'll keep working at it :)
Dynamic Duo of Autumn and Nail Polish: 2 Myself and the Carpet: 0
Before and After. Windex for the win! Will try again later, but I think I'm frying my newborn son's brain cells with the mix of fumes in my house...
Cutting and coloring my hair today. To be continued.
New hair! Got rid of the boring, one length and added tons of layers. This is the longest I've had my hair since I got married 7 years ago!
This little guy brightens my day, even when he's a sad grumpy pants. He's all mine!
"Momma, I share my book!"

Second time's a charm! Autumn's giving the movies another try and it is a success! Score.
Adam, in response to my taking a picture of Brody at Olive Garden: "Horrible date etiquette!" Me: "Whatever. You're just mad because he's the one I really want to go home with tonight."
Brody was quite the stud at church today, rocking' his new kicks!
My view every morning.
Sweet little man, letting me get some more sleep this morning. Such an easy baby.

My Project Runway inspired new shade of lipstick.
Makin' dinner. Wearin' my baby. You know.
Autumn and "her friend!" Chloe having a tea party. I love watching her interact with other little kids!
Brody's drinks are so much more exotic than mine.
Family time! We (including Adam!) spent the night at the ball park watching my nephew play.
Did a photo shoot, ran to Wegmans, walked the mall and I get in the dressing room and realize I forgot something: makeup. Oops!
Hurray! He's lying on the floor, quiet and happy. The first time all day poor guy. Could his chuggin' of the fennel tea be the miracle cause? Or the warm bath? My selling my soul for his relief? So happy he's feeling better. Knock on wood. And metal too, for good measure.
Autumn totally went potty today. We weren't even trying! She came to me and I put her on her princess potty and 2 seconds later, the music of victory was heard!
In honor of her using the potty, she got 'princess hair' like Mommy's with the curling iron.

Autumn insisted Brody play dress up too. He wears a bow well.
The sound of the rain and trees outside has put my sweet baby to sleep. #ilovetherain
Brody is totally making eyes and flirting with the princesses... What a stud.

My project for today! I hate to cover up such beautiful wood, but black furniture is how I roll. So excited for my new bed frame!

All done! Love it. My bedroom is almost complete minus new nightstand and wall decoration!

My commissary helpers and company. Nana not pictured.

Pretty much sums up how I feel about exercise.
My cute makeup assistant. Shhh, don't tell his Dad.
Totally jealous of my 2 year old's eye lashes...
My little stud, post church :)


  1. I enjoyed your instagram timeline ;-) such a gorgeous family!!...I have to be honest I laughed out pour when I saw the picture of the training that awkward??!

  2. I love those smiley pictures of Brody! I wanna kiss those sweet cheeks!