Dear Brody

Dear Brody,

You know how a lot of people are just polite when they tell you that your newborn is really cute? Let's face it - most newborn babies... well, they're a little rough lookin'. I must admit, I felt that way about you. Kind of like a wrinkly, little old man you were! However, now that you're 2 months old, filling out and smiling from ear to ear constantly, I am eating my words! You get more and more handsome every day.

I get a little confused when people ask me if you're a good baby. Don't get me wrong - you're incredibly easy going and sweet. Compared to your sister though, you are a bit more work. "A bit more work" in the sense that you DO know how to cry and you DON'T prefer to sleep all day. There was a time when I was frustrated that you insisted on being held to sleep. Then I remember how quickly you'll be growing out of this sweet, small, newborn stage. I decided that cleaning the house, doing the laundry, or checking the latest celebrity gossip could wait. There are worse things than my sweet little boy wanting to cuddle on my chest!

As I mentioned, you do know how to cry. You cry more than Autumn ever did - she only whimpered when she was hungry. You definitely like to get your point across. For a while you had a terrible stomach ache, but thankfully for some fennel tea and a patient mama (you owe me one) we seem to be in the clear. Plus, busting out the swing has made my life much easier! You love rocking to sleep and my arms appreciate their new found freedom!

Now down to the details: you're eating between 5-6 ounces every 3-4 hours. I've just started pushing you to 6. You wake up in the morning around 9:30/10, eat, and want to eat again about an hour or two later. You're making up for the missed feeding in the night since you go down for good around 11 and sleep until 6:30. Occasionally you wake up in the night for an extra feeding, but not all that often. You are a side sleeper, and a tummy sleeper when you join me in bed after Daddy goes to work and we have room to share. Daddy can get you to giggle - I can't. Your smile is absolutely infectious. Your eyes are big and blue and they always look concerned and deep in thought. I know you can't see very far, but you always look like you're dying to see what's going on across the room.

Shortly after you arrived, I felt like my family was complete. I have you and your sister, what more could I want? However, this morning as I laid down next to you and I watched you sleep, I realized what a blessing babies are. Looking at how sweet you were made me kind of forget how much I struggled with this pregnancy compared to your sisters.

You were totally worth it.



  1. So sweet!

    I felt the same way about Wesley- a wrinkly little alien! But since gaining some weight, I think he is so handsome.

    I've been thinking about that a lot lately- how they are tiny for such a short time. I love snuggling Wesley. Sometimes I stay up later at night just so I can get a few more minutes.

  2. Definitely enjoy the time when he wants to snuggle with you. Sadly, it won't always be that way. =)