Autumn's Big Sister Room

Back in February we learned that the crib could no longer contain Autumn. That meant it was time to transition into a big girl bed and thus the search began. I knew I wanted something with storage, maybe with a trundle (since we were getting rid of our guest room), but I didn't want a day bed because I felt like that really limited where I could position the bed.

Adam's parents were incredibly generous and offered to fit the bill for the bed. I'm sure it doesn't hurt I am a bargain shopper, so I got to work. After extensive research and price comparing, I finally decided on a "Captain's Bed" from a company called Bunk Bed King. It arrived quickly and we set it up back in March. However, Autumn's transition was short lived. With the crib still in her room, she often preferred to sleep in there.

When it came time to setup Brody's room and remove the crib from her room, I was worried how that would go. The first day she tried to climb into it and kept calling it "her bed" but she eventually got over it. Since she was still little, we started her on the trundle for a few months while she got used to the whole idea of her new bed.

Well, we are proud to say that Autumn has officially graduated to her real bed, all the way up top! She loves climbing in and out of it and despite her bed being very high, she has no troubles and has never fallen out (we use a pool noodle under the sheet along the edge instead of a mattress bar).

This bed was the best of both worlds - it has both drawers of storage AND a trundle. The entire two sets of drawers pull out on wheels to reveal the trundle. The 3 drawers on the very bottom work, and are where I keep her extra linens and clothes to grow into. The bed initially came with wooden white knobs, but I changed them out with the pink glass ones to match her dresser. She loves her bedspread (Target) and especially her "big blanket" from Auntie Kae =)


  1. Her room is so cute! Love the pink knobs.

  2. I'm glad we got to see her room in person when we were there in July. Still love that bed, too. Seriously considering something like that for our guest room.