August Beach 2012

The day I get home after the beach stinks. Unpacking, opening the mail full of bills waiting for me, trying to occupy a 2 year old on my own instead of tons of cousins and friends... It's not all bad - I sure do love coming home to a DVR 99% full of my favorite shows! I'm sure there's something else... oh, seeing my husband for the first time in over a week ain't bad either. Of course, let's be honest - the photographer in me loves the photos!

This was Brody's first trip to the beach (out of the womb!) and he did great. He tagged along to the beach each day and in turn I think I broke my back trying to carry him in the carseat each day. Why do they have to make those things so dang heavy?? Unfortunately the poor guy even got a little sun burn :( No, I'm not the worst mother ever, I SWEAR!! Who would have thunk the pool reflection would cause so much devastation to a newborn's face? He's fully recovered now and luckily I learned my lesson on the first day.

Autumn had a blast with the boys and her "friend" Savannah, my cousin's little girl. It was so cute whenever Savannah would enter the room and Autumn would start chanting, "My friend! My friend!"

It was a great week with great food each night and I'm positive I didn't put a dent in my weight loss goals. But hey, it's vacation! That's what I told myself anyway, and I feel pretty good about it. Without further ado, here are some of my favorite images from the week:

Autumn absolutely lived in this Dora swimsuit - it's her favorite, so it was a struggle to get any other suit on her through the week. The best $10 I have ever spent!

My little diva, sitting poolside with her lunch next to Nana and rockin' some shades.

Brody spent a lot of time down at the pool, since that's where we all were. Some days were especially warm, so we stripped him of his clothes to help him cool off against someone wet and fresh from the cool pool. One day after getting home from the beach, his head was covered in sandy rocks for some reason so I gave him a quick shower in the outside shower by the pool. Once the water warmed up enough so it wasn't a shock, he loved it! 

 Autumn was much more daring this beach trip than she was in June and past years. She freely ran in and out of the waves, doing further and further in each time. The last day the water was especially calm, so she was able to go in and float around with the big kids.

Me and my two muchkins. When did I become a grown up?

"Look momma, holdin' hands!"

It wouldn't be his first beach trip without at least getting his toes wet!! =)


  1. Wow..who was that awesome photographer who took you and the kids pics? She did great!! was a good week =)

  2. Great pics...even if I now feel a twinge jealous that we don't get that second trip to OBX. =)

    P.S. That photographer of yours seems a little psycho. =) (Just want to see if she sees this.) =)