Brody's First Days Home

It's been a really great first week with Brody. I can't believe (this past Wednesday) he is already a week old. I'm still trying to savor as much of the newborn phase as I can, because I remember how quickly it flew by with Autumn. We left the hospital Friday afternoon, which worked out perfectly so that Adam didn't have to take a lot of time off and we'd be able to spend the weekend together as a new family of 4.

We adjusted really well. Well, except Saturday, which was a little rough. I was still trying to rest and recoup from the hospital, and Autumn was having a hard time being cooped up inside since it was so hot out. Once we put her down to bed that night, Adam and I both gave each other a high-five. We did it! Little man was a breeze and just slept, and slept... and then slept some more.

All real men wear nightgowns to bed, didn't you know?

Monday I managed to get myself, Autumn and Brody fed, dressed and out the door by 9AM. We had our first Doctor's appointment and Nana came along to lend a hand. Autumn was very concerned about baby brother and kept a watchful eye during the exam. The appointment itself was traumatic for Brody - they wanted another blood sample, which involves poking his foot and squeezing it for blood. Yeah - this isn't some little card they put a drop on. They wanted to fill a vial of his blood, which was a little over a half inch tall. Soothing him wasn't allowed, as the "more angry he was, the better the blood would flow". As you can imagine, a pin prick sized hole took quite a long time to fill the vial. It was at least 5 minutes of the poor guy screaming. Never again.


We actually spent all of last week at Nana's. Grandpa is out of town at a model convention, so we kept Nana company and she lent a very generous helping hand with the 2 kiddos. It was just like the old days and it was nice to be home. Adam stopped by each night to see us and help as he could.

Autumn has loved being a big sister, asking to hold "baby" often. She can say his name and is always checking on the bassinet and wants to know where he is at all times. No signs of jealousy, knock on wood!

Now, we're back home and getting back into our routine. I find myself up and moving a lot more now that I have extra energy, but I did happen to snap this photo as I was moving about. Brody was resting in the bassinet and Autumn wanted to be close by, so the bassinet became bunk beds. She is too clever for her own good.

And lastly, I snapped this photo the day we came home from the hospital. Autumn was "playing" with baby Brody, showing him all of her Mr. Potato heads. I thought it was such a sweet moment, and one I hope to capture often as they both get older! =)

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  1. Congrats! I love it all. 2 kiddos--an adventure for sure but a fun one!!