Beach 2012

Another great week at the beach comes to a close. Little did we know when we schedule this vacation that we'd be missing the heat wave back in the DC area. This pregnant lady was incredibly grateful! Between many trips to the ocean and pool, amazing food cooked by each family, and lasting memories for Autumn with her cousins, I don't think we could have asked for more. As always, I'm not in any of my own pictures as the photographer. Hopefully when I collect the images from my family's cameras I may have one or two to share that include yours truly. Until then, here are my favorite images throughout the week:

The first night at the beach we always walk over together as a family. Our home is only 2 lots back from the ocean so it's a short walk. It was surprisingly chilly! The first half of the week it was only in the low 80's.

Autumn LOVED the pool. She just couldn't get enough, even when it was chilly the first half of the week. As you can see, Adam made his way into the pool this year! He was never brave enough to venture into the Atlantic, but he was a good sport to play with Autumn when I was simply too tuckered out from the sun. Dads are more fun in the pool anyway!

For the second year in a row, we ventured out as a family to Jockey's Ridge. It's a national park full of huge sand dunes. If you're full term and trying to induce labor, I can guarentee climbing the dunes will get the job done! We tried parking at another location this year - it was better, but still a hike. The kids had a blast running up and down the hills and Autumn found her preferred method to be rolling down the hills!

A few family members took some tumbles and found sand in random places for the rest of the week =)

When we first arrived during the week, it was Red Flag, which means it is unsafe and illegal to be in the water. Things improved as the week went on, but it wasn't until the last 2 days things were really calm in the water. The kids made the most of every minute in the water or by scouring for shells and building objects in the sand.

Autumn loved the water and the waves. I was fearful she would get too far away from me! She would jump and scream in excitement. 

One afternoon there was a rip current that scared a few of the kids when they got caught in it. Below, the lifeguard tells our family and other beach goers to be careful and avoid certain areas. We were impressed all week with how diligent the lifeguards were.



Because we're only 2 lots back from the beach, we walked every day. It was nice to be able to run back to the house quickly if needed. Adam and I pushed Autumn in the stroller each day and left it with the parking lot of strollers right outside the path. To our surprise one afternoon, our stroller was gone when we started our walk home! Where we vacation is quite private and full of families, so I had a hard time believing someone would just "take" our stroller. I sent Adam back to the group left at the beach to tell them what had happened, and to be on the lookout for the stroller when they came home. I hoped that it was an honest mistake and it would be returned once they realized their error.

A few hours later when the rest of the family returned, they returned with our stroller! Hurrah! Just as I'd hoped, it was an honest mistake and they'd brought it back to where they'd found it. I was so glad to have it back, to not have to walk Autumn to the beach each day and not have to invest in a new stroller!!

At some point in the week, the two oldest cousins created a game and obstacle course for the cousins. It was a big hit! Autumn and a few of the youngest cousins sat the game out, but Autumn kept asking "My turn? My turn?" 

And at the end, she did get her turn =)

Autumn did great for most of the week. Towards the end, her exhaustion and over stimulation was starting to show. Still, she did great taking naps throughout the week and even sleeping in a closet on a $3.99 pool float we used as an air mattress. She inherited someone else's genes, because she came home perfectly sun kissed. I on the other hand simply multiplied freckles...

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